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Future Plans

Five Year Plan

If we could say that our new five year plan began around 2016, it is safe to say that much has been accomplished due to the determined leadership within the congregation. This includes consistent worship leadership; the construction of a shell for the new church complex and use of it for worship, increase and interest in Sunday worship. All made possible by a small but confidently prayerful and resilient leadership team. Plans from here on are to:


  • Complete the building Programme
  • Continue to increase community awareness of PCPC through community mission eg Play Group, Mainly Music; Food Bank, dynamic worship, availability of space for community use etc.
  • Continue to seek to provide, strong, positive, motivational leadership, through quality Worship, inspirational preaching, intentional pre and post, worship fellowship. (So help us God!)
  • Continue in all the above, to witness in word and unconditional, active love, to the all-consuming, overwhelming, Grace and Love of God we have discovered, and are yet to discover in the person of Jesus the Christ.
  • Continue to be, a people and a place of sanctuary. A place of healing for the broken hearted, the abandoned, the hurting, the wounded and the rejected. PLUS all else we have found in the person of Jesus.

B: Grow the congregation to a point where we can:

  • Call a full-time minister.
  • Provide accommodation either through rental or erection of a designated Manse.

C: Continue to develop an ethos of positive Christianity in order to:

  • Use our complex as a source of positive resourcing of ministers and church leaders, through offering informative, motivational, inspiring, visioning input through retreats and conferences.
  • Becoming a congregation through whom the Holy Spirit, through the process of over-flow, will be a symbol of hope and life and love to the community in which God has placed us and beyond.

A Vision For Our Site - Our Little Eden

The land which we were so generously given on which to build our church was once covered with the same rich bush and forest that Omana Regional park exhibits today. 

An initial three year plan was developed for landscaping and pest management to return the surrounds to native plantings with a perimeter contemplative walk. It is slowly being implemented as money and person-power allow. The birds, frogs and lizards are coming back….

Faye Clark is the co-ordinator of a remarkable team of volunteers with many skills, who are generous with their time and energy. Working bees have involved most of the congregation. We have partnered with enviro schools & children have been a marvellous help towards planting the “rain garden” which is a council requirement for our site. 

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to take care of this small corner of God’s creation and watch it blossom under His guidance. If you would like to be involved in helping outdoors and joining our lively team – your offer would be VERY welcome – see Faye.

Sunday 9.00 am Family Service

Church Service with contemporary Music style

Kid’s Club (Sunday School)

The service is followed by complimentary coffee and tea.

For Adults & Families


Would you like to share in our purpose and mission? We believe that good relationships, open discussion and a genuine desire to seek God’s calling allows us to grow as people and a community together.

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